Hernia is nothing but a bulge or swelling which causes a dragging type of pain. Soe patients show symptoms such as vomiting, constipation or abdominal distention. If patients make a delay in visiting one of the best hernia hospitals in Bangalore, there could be medical emergency.

How do doctors confirm about it?

Clinical examination is sufficient to confirm its presence and no clinical investigations are required. Sometimes, doctors use ultrasound tests to confirm its presence. Sometimes, CT SCAN is required to confirm the size of defects and about the contents of hernia sac.

Is surgery mandatory in all types of Hernia?

When patients get admitted to hernia hospitals in Bangalore for hernia treatment, doctors look at the aspect whether it is reducible or irreducible? All types of hernia must be repaired so that they do not create problem in future.

Doctors try to push back it by giving medicines that cause muscle relaxation and pain relief. The foot end of the bed is elevated to make the process fast. If it gets reduced, then they may decide elective surgery.

However, if it doesn’t work, then emergency surgery may be required. Since there is a risk of intestine becoming dead if the blood supply gets cut off, doctors do not take undue risk.

If the symptoms are absent, then hernia with large openings does not need surgical intervention.

The repairing procedure

Several procedures are there to correct different types of hernias. As far as the standard procedure is concerned, doctors make an incision over the area of hernia and separate the normal tissues layer by layer from the margins of the hole.

If the hole is stitched by pulling all the ends together, then there is a stress on the tissues. It not only results in pain, but also there are chances of getting the stitch ruptured. Hence, doctors place a synthetic mesh on the defect and stitch it over.

The mesh is to be installed permanently and it affects the normal healing process. The method is quite effective, useful and popular. All renowned hernia hospitals in Bangalore offer it at reasonable rates.

Is there anything to prevent Hernia?

Well, the exact cause of Hernia is still to be determined but doctors talk about some preventive steps that can reduce the probability of it happening.

  • Avoid constipation as far as you can.
  • Overweight and obesity can increase the chances of occurring hernia.
  • Abdominal muscles should be strengthening by regular exercise.


If any of your family member is suffering too much pain in the abdomen, it could be signs of hernia. Admit them to the best hernia hospitals in Bangalore.


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