There has been a tremendous advancement and popularity of knee replacement surgery in India. Today, it is one of the most opted surgical methods to restore the mobility and active life. It is said that when there is no benefit achieved by all other treatment methods, this surgery brings the smile back o the face of patients.

The treatment is safe, and it gives fast results in the cases of the last stage arthritis of knees. Though the benefits are tremendous, patients hesitate to go for it because of knee replacement surgery cost. It is slightly higher for some patients who are from lower income grade or do not have coverage of medical insurance.

Cost varies on case to case basis

The cost of the knee replacement depends on several factors, and it can’t be generalized. Typically, it includes doctor’s fees, hospitalization charges, medicines, the cost of implants and other charges.

It depends on the fact whether the replacement is required for one knee or both the knees. If both knees to be done, then is it done in one go or two procedures?

The decision is taken based on the age of the patient, physical condition, damage levels and ability to spend for the surgery.

If it is to be done in two stages, then the whole expenses get doubled. However, it becomes mandatory to do it in some cases.

In short, one has to discuss knee replacement surgery cost with the doctor beforehand. There has to be clarity about the procedure and expenses.

Watch out for pre and post-operative costs

Yes, the surgery is followed by post-operative routines such as physiotherapy and medication. Both unilateral and bilateral (single knee and both knees) surgeries have post-operative expenses.

These costs need to be added to determine the total cost. Patients overlook the aspect sometimes and get surprises at the time of discharge.

Here are some ballpark figures of knee replacement cost. These are only indicative charges, and actual charges may vary depending on the complexity of the case and standard of the hospital.

  • Single knee replacement: 200,000 t0 350,000 INR
  • Both knee replacement: 350,000 to 600,000 if one sitting
  • knee replacement: 400,000 to 700,000 if multiple sittings

The costs are based on average expenditure in an average class hospital. Charitable trusts and no-profit-no-loss medical centers offer it at lower costs. Similarly, top-class hospitals charge much higher for the facilities provided.

Knee replacement surgery cost varies from hospital to hospital; consult the best hospital who can offer the surgery at lower costs.


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