As obesity becomes a challenging problem, the quest for effective and permanent treatment increases in the same proportion. People put tremendous efforts to reduce weight, but it becomes impossible sometimes to get rid of excess weight by conventional methods.

When obesity becomes a threat to the life, doctors suggest surgical methods that can bring down the weight to tolerable limits. Amongst various surgical methods, bariatric surgery is being used widely.

Several choices are available for bariatric surgery in Bangalore. There are well-equipped clinics offering state-of-the-art infrastructure. Expert doctors look into the problem and suggest the best possible method.

It tops the list because of its amazing success rates. Even if it is so much popular, there are several misconceptions about it. Let’s understand the reality behind it.

The surgery will make me a ‘macho man’ or ‘Barbie Girl’

Come on; it is a surgery to get rid of excess weight and not to reshape the body. Typically, around 60 percent of the extra weight can be reduced by it. Fundamentally, it is the way towards a healthy life.

How good or bad a person keeps the body after the surgery depends on individual lifestyle and exercise routine. Certainly, the surgical procedure brings a change in the metabolism; there is a fair chance of gaining weight again if the patient remains careless.

Remember, it is a lifesaving procedure and not a cosmetic one. It definitely helps in controlling hypertension, blood sugar, and sleep apnea but it doesn’t reshape your body.

Though it is made clear when the patients come to discuss bariatric surgery in Bangalore, many patients ignore the fact.

It is the easy way to becoming slim ’n’ trim

No, it is incorrect assumption! Patients need to undergo a complex surgical process. There are some inherent risks and also post-operative precautions. In fact, it is a procedure that expects a major lifestyle change to sustain the benefits.

One has to follow a strict diet routine regular exercise and medicines. After getting recovered, one has to remain focused on not to lose the benefits. Then only it is possible to live active and healthy life.

It is only for those who are extremely overweight

No. In fact, weight is not the ‘only’ criteria that make you ‘suitable’ or ‘not suitable’ for the surgery. Doctors look at the overall health to decide whether you need bariatric surgery or not. Overall health and fitness levels are checked. If there are several health complexities because of overweight, then surgery is chosen.

Many medical centers are providing the treatment for Bariatric surgery in Bangalore; consult the expert who is having lots of experience in handling the Restrictive Surgery and Malabsorptive Surgery.


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