Babies are cute and charming. However, they have some peculiar habits sometimes. These habits can be annoying and disturbing. For example, some babies suck their thumbs. They find it extremely enjoyable but unfortunately their parents don’t!

Yes, “suck reflux” is one of the common problems amongst the kids of age group 0-3. It is the innate need of sucking that comes by birth. Nature programs them in that way when they are in the womb. Usually, the urge of sucking subsides as the babies start eating solid food, but it continues in some babies.

Certainly, it is a problem that should be consulted to an expert pediatrician in south Bangalore. They can find out the exact reason behind the problem and offer right treatment.

Is it the right way to use a pacifier to cure this problem?

No, it is not the right way. In fact, you invite another trouble by it. If the kid gets an alternative to thumb sucking, it gets associated with it. You replace the thumb with a pacifier, that’s it!

Talk to some specialist pediatrician in south Bangalore instead. It is not a difficult thing to get rid of the habit. You need to put some efforts with the help of your doctor.

Instead of offering a pacifier to the baby, try some other ways of diverting its attention.

Some useful tips

Here are some useful and practical tips:

  • Is it the right age to get rid of the habit? Usually, the urge is at the peak up to the age of two years. If you celebrated her second birthday already, then move ahead. It is the right time.
  • You need to divert the attention as much as possible. Keep the baby engaged in something or other. Games, puzzles, story books, etc.
  • Don’t get emotional about it. There is no use of scolding the baby for it. Be a cold turkey.
  • Your pediatrician in south Bangalore may suggest some medicine that is safe but tastes bad to apply on the thumb. It repels the habit of sucking the thumb.
  • If required, the doctors will call a therapist. However, it is not required in most of the cases.

You should always remember that you are not the only parents in the world who are facing this problem. It is very common and curable issue. Hence, just chill! The habit will fade out gradually.

Consult the best pediatrician in south Bangalore, if your kid is suffering from gastrointestinal or ear infection.


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