Amongst several problems faced by women, Endometriosis is quite common. It is a disease caused by the abnormal growth of endometrial cells outside the uterus. The reason of this problem is not very clear, and doctors treat the problem based on symptoms.

Though it is found in the majority of the cases of infertility, there has been no direct correlation established yet.

What is the condition when a patient should suspect the presence of it?

Sometimes, women do not have any symptoms or signs of it. However, pelvic pain and painful intercourse are quite common. As mentioned earlier, infertility is also a condition when doctors suspect it. When the problem is diagnosed, the appropriate endometriosis treatment is planned.

According to the specialists, pelvic pain during the ovulation (or menstruation per se) is a prominent sign of it. Even if it is a commonly found problem amongst all women, it should not be ignored and investigated timely.

The pattern of symptoms plays a major role in identifying the problem. Since it varies from person to person, it takes some time to conclude.

Doctors keenly observe the situation and then proceed totreatment.

Endometriosis- different stages

The problem is difficult to diagnose and treat because there are several facets of it. Seasoned gynecologists can identify the different stages and treat the same.

Based on the exact location of the problem, depth of it and depending on the severity, doctors classify it into four categories.

  • I-Level or Minimal
  • II-Level or Mild
  • III_Level or Moderate
  • IV-Level or Severe

The presence of scar tissues, and size and presence of endometrial implants in the ovary are the deciding factors. When the doctor prescribes endometriosis treatment, other than symptoms the knowledge and expertise make a big difference.

If the implant is superficial and it has caused a mild scarring, then the problem can be corrected easily. Fortunately, a large chunk of the patients falls under this category. In the case of a moderate and severe problem, the scars are severe, and cysts also found in some cases.

Since the severity of the case is not directly proportionate to the severity of the symptoms; detailed investigation becomes mandatory.

As mentioned earlier, infertility is the outcome of all the cases of Severity-IV Endometriosis. Hence, this aspect shouldn’t be ignored by doctors who treat infertility cases.

Right investigation and endometriosis treatment can cure the problem completely. The treatment goes quite long, though.

To overcome from pelvic pain and painful bowel movements or urination problem, go for the endometriosis treatment.


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