Life for a senior citizen of Bangalore has been miserable from last few years. Of late, she gets pain in the abdomen that becomes severe. When it used to occur quite frequently, she decided to get it diagnosed. Preliminary investigations indicated that the problem lies in the Pancreas gland. Further diagnostic tests at a renowned center for pancreatitis treatment in Bangalore revealed the need for immediate surgical intervention.

Pancreatitis is a problem that requires detailed investigation and specialized treatment. Bangalore is one of the leading cities that offer accurate and permanent treatment. There are several good hospitals in the city that can be consulted.

Type of surgical methods

Medical science has developed tremendously over the past few decades. We have several new and effective methods of treating ailments. As far as surgery choices for Pancreatitis are concerned, there are two options; the conventional surgery and modern, non-invasive surgery.

Conventional surgery

In the conventional method, the patient is supposed to get admitted to the hospital. The surgical process involves a cut in the stomach area. Stones are removed out, and stitches are applied. It is a complex procedure with a possibility of great blood loss. Blood transfusion is required in most of the cases.

Patient is supposed to stay in the hospital for quite some time (usually 10 to 15 days). A lot of care is needed after the surgery.  This method is relatively inexpensive.

New age, non-invasive method

Computer-aided surgical methods made the life pretty simple. These surgeries are accurate, effective and non-invasive. Patients get immediate relief and the stay in the hospital is pretty short. Patients can get back to the normal work within a short time. Hence, those who can afford non-invasive method must go for it.

In the non-invasive option of Pancreatitis Treatment, stones are crushed using sound waves. The small particles are taken out by Endoscopic Retrograde method. The instrument is inserted in the mouth. The process may take one to two hours, depending on the number of stones. The patient is given local anesthesia during the procedure.

Centers that offer pancreatitis treatment in Bangalore treat patients based on the severity of the problem. The physical condition of the patient, age, and the presence of other ailments (such as diabetes) are considered before deciding the line of action.

Pancreatitis is not a tough problem to tackle with nowadays. Thanks to the development of medical science, even the conventional surgery has also become quite manageable.

Consult the best pancreatitis treatment in Bangalore, if you or your family members having any health disorders related to pancreatitis.


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