There has been a tremendous development in the field of human reproduction related treatment in the last decades and regularly, new research and findings are getting published in medical journals in this regard. Many clinics worldwide provide treatment for all variants of infertility but there is a special mention of treatment and specialization for IVF in South Bangalore.

It is the latest technology here which makes parenthood possible for every man and woman and as a result of it, thousands of childless couples have benefitted and seen a cute little one in their lap.

What is an IVF?

Precisely, before understanding the rise of people’s inclination towards IVF in South Bangalore, it should be ideal to spare a minute and know what IVF is?

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is a process in which fertilization takes place outside the uterus, typically in the laboratory. The word ‘Vitro’ means glass and it has the historical reference to the earlier days when glass dish or test tube was used to fertilize the eggs. With a long history of more than thirty years, IVF has been a successful treatment to make pregnancy possible for those couples where natural fertilization in the uterus is not possible.

When do doctors use IVF?

There are multiple types of infertility problems with different solutions. According to Dr. Rita Bakshi of IFC, the decision to go for In Vitro Fertilization is taken when

  • The female has a problem of blocked fallopian tube or damaged fallopian tube resulting inability to transfer eggs from ovaries to the uterus
  • The sperms in male have minor problem and it is unable to fertilize in the natural manner
  • The couple has undergone fertility treatment, but no breakthrough has been achieved
  • There is a case of unexplained infertility. In this scenario fertilization doesn’t take place in the natural manner while there is no apparent cause.

Is the IVF process simple?

IVF is certainly not an easy job whether you are having it in South, North or any other part of Bangalore or elsewhere. It calls for extreme specialization and experienced doctors who work hard to make it an IVF successful.

The process involves complicated steps and series of events.

This simply means that if you or some of your relatives or friends want IVF in South Bangalore, they must go for it only in a professionally renowned clinic which has fully adept doctors and has advanced medication facilities.

These days’ lots of working women’s in India are facing the infertility problem; please consult the best IVF centre in south Bangalore.


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